For as long as I can remember, I have had chronic asthma. I have been to the ER several times, hospitalized and been on about 5 medications every day since I was in fourth grade. It has affected how much I exercise, how long I spend time with animals and much more. During the past four years I had been seeing a specialist who had been treating me with other medications that only calmed my asthma down but didn’t actually cure me of it. This only made my body weaker since it was teaching it the habit of relying on the medications rather than fighting the asthma off on its own. By this point I had a weak body and made no progress since my first visit. One day I heard about Dr. Gordin. Dr. Gordin had been helping my dad with his arthritis and he wanted me to come and see if he could help me. After he checked to see why I wasn’t getting better, he told me that the medication I was using had weakened my adrenal glands. Just after the first visit, I felt a change. His adjustment opened up my lungs and airways. But that was just the start. Within a few weeks of Dr. Gordin’s natural treatment, my asthma had gone down significantly. After about three months, Dr. Gordin has been able to help me control my asthma which no longer interferes with my daily life. I now have no trouble with exercising or being around animals and do not have the need for medications daily. Thank you Dr. Gordin!




 I am so glad I came to Dr. Gordin's!

I'd thrown my neck out by working out and was in lots of pain.  I then decided to come to Dr. Gordin.  I was given very thorough tests and a check-up and started on a program.  My insurance pays for most of my care so I decided to do the program.  I'd done three programs with three other Chiropractors in the past and never felt better, so I had no real hope of feeling better here.

Well!  I was very wrong!!!  Around 80% of my program is done and I feel better than I have in many years - since I was a child!  And I tried everything to get rid of this terrible ASTHMA I got in 1991 which almost killed me twice.  I very barely have it now!  I NEVER thought this program would ever handle that!  I'm SO thankful!!!!

I was also put on the Zone diet.  I love that diet and lost about ten pounds I could never seem to lose from working out!  That's another great success!

I understand so much more about bodies because I went to Dr. Gordin's great lectures!  I've been able to help others with the information!






When I became a patient of Dr. Gordin’s I had a lot of things wrong with my body; asthma, bronchial infections, antibiotics, and oral inhalers had become just a routine part of my life.  I also suffered from extremely low energy.  Walking half a block would tire me completely, and I would gasp for air.

I sounded like a wheeze box every night, and I greatly admired my husband for not making me feel horrible about this.

Now nearly all these insidious asthmatic-bronchial symptoms are gone.  Antibiotics and inhalers are no longer a part of my universe, or my sons, who Arlo also helped immensely.  We no longer take any drugs nor have we seen a medical doctor in two years

Arlo did this with his wonderful chiropractic tech and his total understanding of these human bodies, and his willingness to be consistently in tune with “what’s new and happening” in the nutritional supplement field.

Adrenogen and other adrenal supplements build the adrenals;  antibiotics, cortisone, etc., destroy the adrenals.  I learned this through being a patient and also in attending his wonderful lectures -- a fantastic experience of hatting and false data stripping on these bodies.  This info greatly helps people stay on their programs.

Lots of love and thanks to a very special doctor!!

                                                                      V P



Last night I came down with a really bad case of bronchitis, so bad that I couldn’t breathe at all.  My choice at the time was to go to the emergency hospital and get loaded up with antibiotics or to somehow get in touch with Dr. Gordin, which fortunately, I was able to do although it was close to midnight.

Dr. Gordin worked on me for quite awhile and I could feel all this fluid breaking up in my chest immediately.  I went from feeling I was going to suffocate to being able to get air down my nose again, instead of my mouth.  In fact, I would say that after the adjustment I was in 75% better shape.  I was absolutely amazed, as in the past it would take weeks before I’d feel okay again, and be able to breathe. 

Now more than ever, I am convinced that Chiropractic is the only method to good health and I know I will never rely on a regular medical practitioner again.  Nor will I ever have to rely on prescription drugs again either.

Keep up the great work Dr. Gordin.


                                                                      A W