When I first began my treatment with Dr. Gordin, I had strained my neck, shoulder and upper back muscles lifting heavy luggage while on vacation.  As I filled out the questionnaire, I realized that there were other problems affecting me, especially fatigue.  I generally didn’t discuss my other complaints with doctors because I didn’t want to look like some kind of hypochondriac with numerous health concerns.

Dr. Gordin explained to me how my misalignment affected not only the area of my spine where I felt pain, but also the surrounding areas.  Since there are nerves affecting different areas of the body connected to the spine, it makes perfect sense that more than one area of the body could be affected by a seemingly simple misalignment.

Dr. Gordin got me back in shape, and due to the nutritional supplements I received the added bonus of increased energy.  I have had a dramatic reduction in my fatigue level since starting on the program.

I think chiropractic is a logical and effective form of health care.  I have recommended Dr. Gordin and his tremendous staff to my friends and will continue to do so.


                                                                      Thanks again!


                                                                      A K



Thursday morning as I was reaching for an item my back went into spasms.  I was in such excruciating pain that I had to crawl to where my nine month old son was playing.  My husband had to rush home to pick me and our son off the floor.  The pain was so unbearable that I could not even walk to Dr. Gordin's office without assistance.  To get me on and off the examining table they had use the hydraulic examining table.  When Dr. Gordin went to examine my back the screams could be heard through out the office.  It was extremely frightening for me. 

Today is Monday, four days, just 96 hours later, and I am not only able to walk on my own but I am also able to pick up my son!!!

Dr. Gordin I will never be able to say thank you enough.

                                                                      A D



Ok, no more music:  What does one do when one has geared his/her life solely to a life of music performance . . . and suddenly finds that to perform a simple trill on the keyboard has become an absolute impossibility?  I asked myself six years ago . . . “have you thought of taking up the plumbing profession, carpentry, fire fighting, banking, becoming an agent,  . . . how about retiring to the hills of Montana, etc.?”.

Waiting to die.  A little History:  Six years ago . . . and soon after riding ‘just another wave’ in Hawaii and slamming on the sand head first (not unlike slamming onto the sand as a teenager in a similar wave) I woke up the next morning with dizzy spells, and an alarming weakness encompassing my whole right side.  Approximately a month later I experienced a more frightening sensation.  An almost complete numbness and paralysis on the right side of my whole body.  I immediately hit the doctor circuit:  Neurologists, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), Acupuncturists, other Chiropractors . . . you name it . . . I tried it.  I was told that symptoms like the ones I described above could possibly mean a brain tumor.  After up-dating my will . . . and for the next six years, learning to live with my new disability, that is . . . no more piano playing, I literally waited to die.

Dr. Gordin to the rescue:  A brilliant publicity agent in Hollywood introduced me to Dr. Arlo Gordin. My initial conversation with Arlo convinced me to come in for the various tests and x-rays necessary for the proper treatment.

I found my trill:  Without unnecessary rhetoric, Dr. Gordin has since fixed my neck problem (and the restricted nerves involved) and his treatments have enabled me to go back to playing keyboards; trilling keys like Fats Domino, therefore allowing me to share my musical talents (which I used to take for granted) with the world once again.