When we first came to Dr. Gordin, my son Jimmy had been labeled by an Md. as having mild Cerebral Palsy. He was uncoordinated and would fall to the right side when in a sitting position; he had severe milk allergies, very little appetite, and was very fussy. He was 11-1/2 months old and unable to walk.
After Jimmy was put on the correct chiropractic program by Dr. Gordin, he was able to walk after just two visits! He is now running around, eats well, doesn’t grind his teeth when he sleeps, and is a very happy child! He has no Cerebral Palsy symptoms!
I’m now on a program with Dr. Gordin myself and have started my daughter and husband here as well.
Thank you for your care and knowledge of your field. You have made us a happy family.







Yesterday I brought my daughter in to see Arlo.  She once again had a fever and swollen glands.  Her last medical handling, of course, involved antibiotics which took almost four days to reduce her symptoms.

Arlo put her on supplements and in less than 24 hours her fever went away and her glands returned to normal!

Amazing, huh!?!




                                                                  C R &  E R



We were referred to Dr. Gordin by our midwife when she noticed that our newborn son had a slight flat spot on his head from positioning in the womb.  We were anxious to give chiropractic a try since our firstborn son also had a flat spot, which we were unable to resolve without the help of a helmet.  We wanted to avoid this with our second, given the high cost and the extra work the helmet entails.

 We began bringing our newborn to Dr. Gordin when he was only five days old.  He was very thorough with taking down the history of my pregnancy and the baby’s birth to understand the areas that the baby may need help/adjustment.  Ben is now 6 months old, and he continues to see Dr. Gordin to maintain all of the progress we have made.  There is absolutely no sign of a flat spot, and we achieved that with minimal intervention, unlike with our first whom we were taking to physical therapy and to appointments to get his helmet adjusted as well as doing stretching exercises at home.

 I am so grateful for Dr. Gordin’s knowledge and expertise with babies because thanks to him we have avoided much extra cost and many hours of appointments and the hassle of helmeting, and our son’s head looks perfect.  We could not be happier.  As a bonus, it was amazing to see how adjustments helped my son immediately.  He would be fussy going in, and Dr. Gordin would make an adjustment, and he would immediately change to a happier baby.  We are believers in the miracles of chiropractic.