I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease.  My Gastroenterologist put me on large doses of steroids which did nothing to control my condition.  Three months later they removed two-thirds of my large intestine.  Shortly after healing from my surgery the inflammation returned.  The doctor treated me with large doses of Pentasa, which did not help.  My condition became so severe that my doctor wanted to go another round ofsteroids with chemotherapy and then probably to another surgery to remove the rest of my colon.  At this point an acquaintance referred me to Dr. Gordin.  I was suffering from severe headaches, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, and migratory arthritis.  After only two weeks treatment by Dr. Gordin the diarrhea completely stopped and I have no intestinal pain.  My migraine headaches are gone.  My migrating arthritis has vanished.  Even my severe foot pain has completely disappeared.  All this, plus I'm off of all medication.  I've got to tell my gastroenterologist "no" to his cortisone, chemotherapy and surgery.


Plus I lost twelve pounds. 


Not too shabby!


                                                                                B H



I came to Dr. Gordin after suffering for many months from a condition known as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  My medical doctor told me I would never get rid of it and would have to learn to live with it by eating a bland and basically fruit and vegetable free diet.  Because I was in constant discomfort and couldn’t eat anything without stomach upset I decided to seek further help. 

Upon visiting Dr. Gordin and telling him my symptoms and problems he told me to once again begin eating my regular diet of fruits and vegetables because he would be able to align my body and put everything back in working order along with the ingestion of nutritional supplements.  Within approximately 3 - 4 weeks my discomfort had eased and I was once again able to eat a delicious diet of all foods and continue with my normal daily activities!  Thanks to Dr. Gordin!



                                                                      B M