Arlo, thank you for saving my life!  When I called you a few months ago, my blood sugar level was 225 (after 15 hours of fasting) and I had a substantial amount of sugar in my urine.  Within one and a half months, your suggested diet and supplements reduced my blood sugar level to normal range with no sugar in my urine.  Now, after three months, my sugar level is below 110 only three hours after meals, and my cholesterol level is in normal range for the first time in twenty years!

You sure know your stuff.  The "Zone" diet is fantastic and thank you for educating me on it.  This diet is a diet that I can keep indefinitely because it lets me eat healthy food at the correct proportions and keeps me full all day long, and I eat what I like to eat anyway.  I am not sacrificing anything (except the ice cream every night).  Your blood sugar lecture was very educational; everyone needs to live a healthy life.

Needless to say, I have upset some medical practitioners around here who "know" that you can not cure diabetes.  I have a little ways to go yet and will continue with what I have been doing until my glands are totally restored.  What a difference three months can make is one is on the right track.  Thanks again for a well delivered service.


                                                                                J E



For over 30 years I'd been eating improperly (too many desserts!)  Then combined with some extra stress in life, I gained 20 pounds and became exhausted and ill with flu symptoms that remained for about three weeks out of every four.  Then I started blacking out about 30 minutes after I ate; I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.  Dr. Gordin put me on supplements immediately.  The flu symptoms were gone in 48 hours and I started getting some energy back, but I still wasn't back to normal yet.  Then Dr. Gordin told me about the 40-30-30 nutrition program.  I've been following this program for a couple of months now and have more energy and feel healthier physically than I can remember ever feeling before.  And I lost the 20 extra pounds too!


                                                                                S G