For months, I felt like a car running on empty.  My work became more stressful, my baby was suddenly an energetic toddler, and my free time was spent trying to catch up on sleep instead of enjoying life.  I had "burnt out" in the past and spent days in bed when a doctor diagnosed me with low adrenals.  She prescribed drugs which gave me a temporary lift but the problem kept resurfacing in times of crisis. 

In one week, Dr Gordin treatment revitalized me.  Within days the nutrients and spinal adjustments made me more alert, at ease and gave me an overall sense of wellness I hadn't felt in years. 

I spent my free time this last weekend at the zoo playing with my daughter instead of in bed.  Thanks for blessing me with good health so quickly.  Life's too short not to enjoy every minute.









Wow!  Where did all this energy come from?  I thought my energy level was just fine before I started chiropractic care.  Under a very demanding schedule, I took pride in the fact that with very little sleep, I still had some “bounce”.  Well, sure, I needed a cup of coffee a few times a day, doesn’t everybody?  At four in the afternoon there was that exhausting droop.  A cup of coffee or a nap would fix that.  WOW!  After care started I have received this unbelievable surge of energy.  WOW!

I wake up bright and clear, and bounce out of bed, compared to before where I would drag myself to the coffee pot.  I have quit coffee after relying on it for 20 years.  I don’t desire or need it anymore.  Gone also, is that late afternoon droop.  It’s just gone!  I feel bright, alert, and full of energy straight through the entire day and evening.

I used to have a hard time dealing with all the stressful things that happened to me day to day.  My shoulders and stomach would be tight, and I would feel chronic nervousness and frustration that has all vanished!  No more tightness or nervousness.  With enthusiasm, I handle all the stresses in my life.  Actually, there is no more stress in my life, it is now just normal “things in life”.

I enjoy people much more.  Before, I was always so stressed-out that I wasn’t pleasant to be around.  I was constantly so upset and introverted.  With all that stress gone, I feel extroverted, and just plain cheerful.  I enjoy others company, I find myself laughing alot.

This energy boost has improved my life across the boards.  Now my demanding schedule is fun!