This is a story that must be told. I am a young, struggling actor who became the victim of a careless motorist who ran a red light. Unfortunately, my motorcycle was beyond repair and I was left in pain and despair. After careful consideration, I chose Gordin Chiropractic and its fine staff to assist me in getting back to better health. My overall health has been restored to 100%, everything from depression to a solid, erect posture. I am a firm believer in chiropractic care and will refer to them time and time again!

Thank you!

— AA
Daughter’s Car Accident

Daughter’s Car Accident

At seven years old, my daughter was run over by a speeding car while crossing the street with classmates at her school. The physical damage was substantial to her neck, back, spine and left leg. The trauma to her head was so great, that the emergency physicians were concerned.
Surgeries, medical and orthopedic treatment, vitamin and nutritional therapies, extensive physical therapy and stretching exercises, all helped her a great deal in regaining use of her body. She missed more than a year of school, and when she reentered, missed one day a week due to pain. Her chiropractic care was constant from a few weeks after the accident. She walked, but with a noticeable limp. The damaged ligaments in her neck area and lower leg caused frequent pain. Her left leg would “go out from under her” unexpectedly, and she suffered re-injuries. Her neck was often aching.
She was medically restricted from some “normal kid” activities: no rollerblading; no roller-coasters or rides at theme parks; no track team; no contact sports; and for a long while no bicycle riding. These restrictions were lifted as doctors observed her progress; at times the lifting of these restrictions was premature and she was re-injured. She eventually quit dancing which she loved very much; the neck pain was just too great and she kept falling further behind the other girls which was disheartening to her, especially after working harder than all the other young dancers.
During summer, four years after the accident, my daughter began treatment with you. She was then 11 years old. She really loved her chiropractor and trusted him. Within six intensive weeks of treatment she improved substantially. The frequency and intensity of debilitating migraine headaches diminished. Today, they are controllable. And when she returned to her home here in the East, she joined the cheerleading squad at her school, and a full activity schedule at school.
Although she has not been treated at your office for more than a year, your young patient has been on the track team at her school, and expects to be named the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad next month. She’ll be 13 years old by then, and will graduate with honors from Middle School next June. She no longer misses any school days due to her earlier injuries.
I am truly grateful for what you have done. It’s amazing that you could “fix the damaged areas.” As a parent, it is a moving experience to witness such an improvement in the condition of one’s child. Thank You. . In our family, you will always be remembered for your kindness and effectiveness, in curing what other professionals were unable to cure.

Warmest Regards and Thanks,
— C.G.P
From Unable to Even Make it Through Grocery Shopping to Getting My Life Back

Now it’s 2017 - My pain started in 2008 after I fell down the stairs at home. I was diagnosed with sciatica on the right side, the doctor did x-rays and and an MRI which showed that I have 2 damaged disks and degenerative arthritis in my lower back. I have been to Physical Therapy, I have seen other chiropractors, I tried acupuncture and massages. I was on Ibuprofen for so long that it caused scarring on my kidneys but the doctors still kept me on Ibuprofen. In 2014 I slipped badly as I was exiting my car. That made the sciatica pain also go down my left leg too. At first when I was at work I was okay because I would sit all day. But as soon as I stood for over 4 minutes I would be crippled with pain that would cause my legs to stiffen and keep me from moving. In September 2016 even sitting started bringing me pain too. I would get home and not be able to cook because it required standing. At the grocery store I would use the cart to wheel myself out because standing in the line would also cripple me. I have a 2 story house so if I went upstairs, I would not be able to go back down for the rest of the day. It was kind of a game of “pick a floor and stay on it.” Some days my pain was so bad that I found myself crawling in order to move around my house. I’m a single mom so my helper has always been my son who is now 11 years old. He has had to live with too much responsibility because of my pain and he has missed out on so much because I couldn’t get around. Finally this past fall the doctor gave me a cane. I’m 37 years old and I needed a cane to stand and walk!

I first went to Dr. Gordin on November 16, 2016, he was recommended by my co-worker Naomi after she heard that I had been in so much pain for so long. The only reason I actually called him is because he was so well recommended, but I was still skeptical. After my evaluation Dr. Gordin put me on a glandular repair nutrient to be taken hourly. I had to take this for a couple of days before my first adjustment. When I went in for my first adjustment, I didn’t feel much right away (this was on a Friday), but the next day I went to the store and I was shocked that I was able to walk through the store and stand in line and walk out of the store on my own and not be in any pain. This was a miracle! I had not been able to do this in over 8 years, and I thought I would never get to walk normally again. Now I am able to stand and cook in my kitchen! I’m able to go to the store! I even took my son to a theme park and I was fine! Since I started seeing Dr. Gordin the pain has been minor, and I’m not even half way done with my treatment! He’s also already made a huge improvement in my Carpal Tunnel pain in both hands and thumbs. I’m looking forward to finishing my treatment with Dr. Gordin and I’m so thankful that I have my life back!

— Angie Franco

Just recently I fell and severely injured my left foot. I was given emergency treatment at a local hospital by an orthopedic surgeon/specialist. His diagnosis was that I had severely torn ligaments and placed my left foot in a plaster cast up to my knee. This caused undue pain and swelling resulting in continuous discomfort, so I had the cast removed.

I came to see Dr. Gordin and after just one adjustment I was able to put normal pressure on my foot to walk, whereas before, I could not apply any pressure, and could only walk with the assistance of crutches.

I am consistently amazed at Dr. Gordin’s abilities to relieve pain, by correcting out-points through Chiropractic, especially when specialists in their own fields, such as in this case the orthopedic surgeon, cannot even compare.

Thank you Arlo, for being so wonderful!