The following is an explanation of my knee condition and how Dr. Gordin was able to cure it:

I’m an active person who enjoys hiking. Upon returning from a hike I couldn’t complete due to severe knee pain, I underwent treatment with a standard Orthopedic specialist. My condition is referred to as “runners knee”.  Both knee caps rotated to the outer side when I bent by knees.  I could barely get in or out of a car. Using the toilet was impossible without support and stairs where out of the question.

I was enrolled in many weeks of physical therapy. I had cortisone injections, knee draining, and Synvisc injection. None of it worked. I also tried acupuncture with minimal results.

I was referred to Dr. Gordin by a coworker. I signed up for the standard duration for my condition. Approximately halfway through treatment I noticed a significant difference in my ability to perform tasks that I had previously taken for granted (as mentioned above). His treatment method was not something I was accustomed to, but I hung in there and completed the course.

I owe Dr. Gordin a debt of gratitude beyond measure. Within 6 months of treatment I was able to hike again. Nine months on, I am now hiking from where I work at Universal Studios up to Mulholland drive and beyond. I would never have thought it possible.

I can’t recommend his method sincerely enough. There are many conditions Dr. Gordin treats, and I have no doubt of his ability to provide relief to patients where all other methods have failed.

Thanks Dr G,



I have lived with significant knee pain for the past 5+ years.  The pain has increased over time, making walking bearable but painful with every step.  I have always walked a lot with friends, particularly since I retired 7 years ago, so mobility is extremely important to me. In December, 2012 I consulted with a sports medicine orthopedic specialist who drained my knee of “excessive” fluid and simultaneously injected steroids 3 separate times.  My knee pain disappeared for a few hours immediately following the excruciating injections, but returned each time within a day of the injections.

In December, 2013 I saw a knee specialist at the Kerlan Jobe (world famous) Orthopedic clinic.  He recommended arthroscopic surgery, which he performed the following month to “clean out” material in my knee, which he believed was the cause of my problem.  The surgery was an outpatient procedure, but the recovery involved several months of physical therapy, icing, and limited mobility.  After months of physical therapy, my knee pain was no different than prior to the surgery.  I was now merely living with the pain, which was increasing. 

In 2015, I sought an experienced, Chinese-trained acupuncturist and underwent acupuncture twice weekly for 3 months.  I had never had acupuncture, but was willing to try any potential solution.  After 3 months, I experienced no change. 

I returned to Kerlan Jobe to consult again with the knee specialist who performed the arthroscopic surgery.  He told me that there was no problem with my knee, but that the cause of the problem was my back/spine.  I then saw one of the spine specialists at Kerlan Jobe, who prescribed physical therapy to strengthen my core and spine.  From January to May, 2017, I worked with a physical therapist twice weekly, and did all recommended exercises at home between visits.  There was no reduction in pain whatsoever. 

In July, 2017 I went to Dr. Arlo Gordin.  He said there was, in fact, a problem with my knee, which he could easily fix; and proposed that he could likely repair my knee to 100% functionality in 4 months.  His analysis was that my knee joint was twisted slightly in its alignment at the hinge joint of the knee.  It was not properly tracking and needed to be moved into its proper place. He also found that nerves to my right leg were not firing properly due to nerve supply from my low back being pinched and partially blocked.

In the first appointment he performed an adjustment that immediately allowed me to move my leg from side to side when sitting without my physically lifting it up (with my arms and hands!) to move it.  This itself was amazing!  I subsequently completed the 4 months of Dr. Gordin’s work and my knee is 100% functional with no pain, no matter what challenges I put it to, as he promised.   I am able to walk for miles with no discomfort whatsoever.  I am eternally grateful!