Ok, no more music:  What does one do when one has geared his/her life solely to a life of music performance . . . and suddenly finds that to perform a simple trill on the keyboard has become an absolute impossibility?  I asked myself six years ago . . . “have you thought of taking up the plumbing profession, carpentry, fire fighting, banking, becoming an agent,  . . . how about retiring to the hills of Montana, etc.?”.

Waiting to die.  A little History:  Six years ago . . . and soon after riding ‘just another wave’ in Hawaii and slamming on the sand head first (not unlike slamming onto the sand as a teenager in a similar wave) I woke up the next morning with dizzy spells, and an alarming weakness encompassing my whole right side.  Approximately a month later I experienced a more frightening sensation.  An almost complete numbness and paralysis on the right side of my whole body.  I immediately hit the doctor circuit:  Neurologists, NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance), Acupuncturists, other Chiropractors . . . you name it . . . I tried it.  I was told that symptoms like the ones I described above could possibly mean a brain tumor.  After up-dating my will . . . and for the next six years, learning to live with my new disability, that is . . . no more piano playing, I literally waited to die.

Dr. Gordin to the rescue:  A brilliant friend introduced me to Dr. Arlo Gordin.  (I thank you again!!!)  My initial conversation with Arlo convinced me to come in for the various tests and x-rays necessary for the proper treatment.

I found my trill:  Without unnecessary rhetoric, Dr. Gordin has since fixed my neck problem (and the restricted nerves involved) and his treatments have enabled me to go back to playing keyboards; trilling keys like Fats Domino, therefore allowing me to share my musical talents (which I used to take for granted) with the world once again.

Arlo ignites peoples lights:  Arlo told me that after a few adjustments that a certain amount of progress could be expected . . . and he was right after each successive treatment.  How many people do we all know that seem to carry a negative aura around them wherever they go?  Could these people simply be the victims of internal pain and suffering due to misalignments in their bodies?  I firmly believe that Dr. Arlo Gordin is one of those special people in the world that has a direct connection and communication with the internal light in all of us . . . and is allowing them to radiate their maximum brilliance.


                                                                      D D



  As a musician I had two main health problems that were making it difficult to play as many hours as I wanted to.  I had terrible headaches which not only made it difficult to concentrate but also tiring.  I also had pain that started in my fingers and went up to my wrist if I played more than a few hours.

Dr. Gordin totally handled the pain in my hand and wrist on my first adjustment and I was able to play four hour gigs and practice for hours with no pain.  My headaches are also gone.

I would highly recommend Dr. Gordin to any musician.



                                                                    A L


Ever since I’ve started playing guitar, I couldn’t get my fingers to do what I wanted them to.

After a physical with Dr. Gordin I found out my neck was the reason why.  Now, after just five visits, my playing has improved and my whole body feels better.

Thanks so much, Arlo!


                                                                      B P


 I am a student at P.I.T.  I suddenly developed a pain in my left wrist.  I started seeing Dr. Gordin and the pain decreased.  I have been able to play longer now and I have had great improvement on my lower back as well.


                                                                      B S


  After a knee dislocation had finished me playing sports I took up the guitar as an interest.  I soon realized that I wanted this to be my career.

So I worked day and night for two years to save the cash to study at Musicians’ Institute in Hollywood.  (I’m from England.)

The course was great so you can imagine my despair when after six months pain in both arms had made playing unbearable.

My life was saved by Dr. Gordin doing a seminar at MI.  I realized that this was probably the man to help me.  I was right.  After one visit things improved drastically and I was back to playing guitar.

With my eternal thanks!


                                                                      R A



 When I first started to experience some slight pain in my hands I thought, oh my god, I’ve got Carpal Tunnel!  And for a musician that makes my craft a lot more difficult.

Then I met Dr. Gordin.  He calmed my fears and set me straight.  With some adjustments and a new perspective on my diet, the pain has gone away!


                                                                      C E


I’m a student at Musicians’ Institute.  At the start of the year I developed pains in my back.  I thought it was due to the long hours of practicing, until it continued.  I was referred to Dr. Gordin by the Musicians’ Institute.  I went and found out my back was out of line.  I knew I had to do something because I couldn’t practice without having pain.  I started treatment with Dr. Gordin and his staff and my pain disappeared!  It will be a long process to get my back in line again, but I feel very confident and comfortable with Dr. Gordin.  If I’m going to play drums for the rest of my life, I want to feel 100% so I can play 100%!

Thanks again Dr. G!


                                                                      C A M


 I am a guitar student at the Musicians’ Institute.

The problems I was having were whiplash, Hiatal Hernia and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

I heard about Arlo and with the help of his “Five Secrets of Health”, the supplement plan and the adjustments I now feel 100% more confident about playing the guitar.

I feel good about life period!

Thanks Arlo!!

                                                                      C P


 When I first came to Dr. Gordin’s office, I was afraid I would never play the drums again.  My wrist was so painfully swollen that it had become impossible to hold the drumsticks.  Riding my motorcycle was definitely out also.

Dr. Gordin took some scary looking x-rays of my back and neck, then explained things to me.  It was clear that something really had to be done.

The first time he treated me, I was completely shocked!  Almost immediately the pain in my wrist dissipated.

Now I know that this may seem a little like a scam, and I must admit I was leery at first, but it really worked.  There were other things that needed to be treated to fix the wrist, but we’re working on that.

Three days after my first treatment I auditioned for a top Los Angeles area band, and will be touring in September.  Thank you Dr. Gordin!

                                                                      C D



I can play again!  I can play again!  I can play again!

Dr. Gordin, you have given me back my hands!!!  In doing that you have helped me feel a step closer to my hopes and dreams.  I can’t thank you enough, for you have given me freedom on the guitar again.  That is a priceless gift.  If you could only understand how happy this has made me.

Thank you.

                                                                      D W




When I first came to Dr. Gordin I had been playing with Pain for about six months.  I attended Musicians' Institute when the pain and weakness started in my left hand.  Since the pain wasn't always present I dismissed it.  It wasn't until there was a constant tingling and I couldn't play for more than a half an hour without pain that I sought help.


After the first week of seeing Dr. Gordin the tingling went away and by the second week I started playing again.  Now playing guitar is easier and my hands seem stronger.  Before with even the slightest pain I felt limited, not wanting to push it to far.  I'm very grateful to have heard about this place when I did.



                                                                      T C