My family and I have seen Dr. Gordin for several reasons, so we have more than one success story, but some of the best are:

For years I had migraine headaches. They were so bad I was already taking prescription drugs, but Dr. Gordin took care of it with supplements and with adjustments, so I haven’t had a migraine in the last 4 years!

My husband has also been a patient of Dr. Gordin for several years. One of the things he’s handled is back pain and headaches, (but I’ll leave his success stories to him).

Also my daughter got help from Dr. Gordin once when she hurt her leg in the park. She was walking favoring one leg and it hurt. After a few visits she was well and running again.

But I have to mention the first time I came was because I hurt my back badly and was in so much pain I couldn’t walk or sit down. It took just one visit to Dr. Gordin and all the pain was gone.





I walked into Dr. Gordin’s office with a problem that ten to fifteen doctors were stumped with.  I had vertigo so severely I felt the floor could at any second drop out from under me.  I felt like the ground was just floating.  The walls moved, the floor moved, everything was rocking like a boat.  Mentally I was a vegetable.  I had depression to the point of hospitalization.  After twelve years with anxiety, terrible mental problems, vomiting between three and twenty-five times a day, I had lost hope.  Jobs, relationships, etc., etc., ruined; $50,000 in medical bills;  I came to Dr. Gordin.

In four days of treatments, I can’t believe the change in me.  Dizziness gone up to seventy percent.  Mentally I’m starting to feel happy.  My senses are returning to normal.  No other doctor even thought of a pinched nerve, etc.  In four days of treatment I’m shocked at my recovery!  Thanks, Dr. Gordin!

For those who are coming in for the first time, you did the right thing!