It's hard to believe that just over a year ago I didn't know what it was like to live without constant pain. I ignored it well.  But the fact is that I was nearly crippled from a complete knee replacement.  I had told the doctors something wasn't right. But was told they couldn't find anything wrong.  I had a bad knee, a foot that went into severe spasms when I walked, constantly feeling incredibly stressed out, a throat that shut down at the most inopportune times (to where I would have to leave a dinner and spend hours in the bathroom), and a lower back that was in pain at least once a month for over 15 years. In fact, three times I couldn't get up on my own and had to phone for help, including two ambulances!

So when I say that Arlo is a miracle worker, trust me he is. The first visit, without me saying a word, he said, "Oh! They didn't sew your muscle back quite right here." Meaning my knee replacement. He pressed on it for a moment and said, "There you go." That was a year ago and I've not had a single pain in that knee since!

Another one of the most life changing fixes was what doctors had told me was a problem with my throat.  It would "shut down" if I was at all stressed while eating and could result in hours of vomiting.  I had been to the ER several times to have my throat manually opened, had my throat stretched, and been prescribed medication for the allergy that was causing it. Nothing seemed to help, until Arlo.

He gave me a description of what he thought was happening and for the first time I felt like someone completely heard and understood what I felt was happening. He told me it was a hiatal hernia and with a few adjustments I have not had an attack since (and that's been about a year).

Everything I mention to him, from symptoms like adrenal exhaustion, to sun poisoning, he has been my go-to physician.  Last year I injured my shoulder and it was found that the tendon had calcified. Orthopedist told me surgery was my “only option”. In one treatment, Arlo resolved it without surgery and I've not had any more pain there.

As someone who came to you feeling that age had crept in causing me to limp and always be in pain. I had to pull myself up stairs, and always was concerned that my back would go out and  I worried that one wrong bite of food might send me to the hospital.

Now I have a new lease on life. I feel vibrant and strong. I no longer fear eating, am no longer crippled with pain and able to walk or exercise or even run on the elliptical or ride my bike over 20 miles! I can even do squats!  And lower back pain is a thing of the past.  

Further, everyone I've sent his way comes back raving about how their body is FINALLY working (including handling my grandkids food allergies)!

Thank you just doesn't seem quite enough.

Delia Colvin