When I first came to see Dr. Gordin I was about 2 months pregnant.  I was pre-diabetic with my blood sugar WAY too high. This is approaching a very dangerous and deadly pregnancy situation.  My stomach had been destroyed by antibiotics. I previously couldn’t quit eating sugar without going comatose. Maybe worse, I could barely eat anything or even get out of bed!  I had NO energy, no muscle tone really, and even walking to my car was exhausting!

We started addressing my burnt out adrenals and I almost immediately felt better.  The need and craving for sugar started then to de-intensify. My energy gradually started to return. 

We did things to repair my stomach from having been burnt out by strong antibiotics.  Dr Gordin tested me and found out I had a “hiatal hernia” (jam up with the nerves and the stomach and diaphragm, causes “reflux” (stomach acid back-flowing up the food tube).  He fixed that. 

And then Dr. Gordin, using one special herb supplement, fixed the infection that had caused me to perpetually stuck taking antibiotics in the first place!

My blood sugar came back into the normal range! I finally started to feel normal and healthy!  Instead of like the Walking Dead!  So MANY THANKS!!!!!

Love, Luba


 I worked for Dr. Gordin in an administrative/receptionist position. I didn’t know anything about chiropractic.

At the time I was seeing a Medical Doctor for a cyst on my ovary and chronic bladder trouble that had annoyed me since the age of eight. And I had ten years of inability to have children. Plus, the M.D. stated that he needed to remove my ovaries.

Two adjustments from Dr. Gordin handled my bladder trouble and cyst. Supplements for the uterus, ovaries and my adrenal glands handled the inability to have children.

 I’ve given birth to three children. All three of these pregnancies occurred with one fallopian tube and the other tube scarred. The help from Dr. Gordin was miraculous and I am very grateful. All of the births were natural and two of them, my husband delivered. The first of the three was born four hours after Dr. Gordin gave me a special adjustment for women ready to deliver. The last baby’s entire labor and delivery was done in one hour.


When I came to see Dr. Gordin, I had several problems for him to work on, one of then being a growth on my ovary.
My gynecologist had been checking on it for 2 years and there was a good chance that I would have to have a surgery and lose the ovary.
After going on Dr. Gordin’s nutritional program and adhering to the scheduled visits, I went back to my gynecologist.
He said it was gone! It was such a relief to avoid major surgery and the post operative setbacks that come with it. I am enternally grateful to Dr Gordin for helping me with this and all other problems





I was really sick. After three months with the medical doctors, no help had been given me. The medical doctors wanted to do surgery, with a possible hysterectomy to relieve pain. That just didn’t seem right!

So, upon referral to Dr. Gordin, I began his intensive treatment. Adjustments, nutritional supplements, lectures, and slowly I began to feel alive again. It’s a deep seated aliveness, not just a cover-up!

With my own health guaranteed, I became interested in having children. Again the medical doctors had planted a hopelessness within me. They felt it was highly unlikely due to scar tissue. So I communicated this to Dr. Gordin. He continued adjusting me, and doing nutritionals, and what do you know?

Just before Christmas my first pregnancy was confirmed. I’m due in August!

My many thanks to Dr. Gordin. He has a certainty of his technology, demonstrated in his competence, and application.




I came in pregnant with my third child.  I was twelve days over my due date with nary a sign of impending labor.

Dr. Gordin adjusted me with the Perineal Floor Technique and as I left the office, I had my 1st contraction - literally!  The labor itself was bizarre (three days very lightly and very intermittent).  But the baby turned so she was no longer posterior and the cervix came forward (it had also been posterior) and out she came in a very mild labor!

The technique certainly seemed to work for me!

Thank you Dr. Gordin!


                                                                      C J