What can happen when the doctors have been scaring you about prostate cancer and Arlo treats you for only a week:

I've had prostate problems for 20 years. I've had 3 biopsies with no cancer. It's just a very bad case of a hugely enlarged prostate.

At some point I had to start using catheters.

It went from a few times a week to once a day and finally went to needing 6 per day and night...

I started seeing Arlo and almost immediately went down to one catheter per day .

Some days no catheter at all and getting up only twice a night instead of 5-6 times a night.

And sleeping longer than 2 hours. Just had 4 hours sleep before I woke up to go to the bathroom the other day.

This hasn't happened in years.

A very big, life changing win.

Thank you so much Arlo!!!