When I first sought help from Dr. Gordin I did so trembling and in tears.  My life was a hell of physical problems and mental torment.  I suffered from heart palpitations, fatigue, spells of weakness, insomnia, blurred vision, panic and depression.

Although I felt my situation was hopeless I was desperate for any relief I could get.  Now after a few months of treatment I am so much better that I feel like a different person.  I no longer greet each new day with dread and fear.  And the best part about Dr. Gordin’s treatments is that they are absolutely painless!!!

No scalpels, drugs, hypnotism or anything else shock to the body, mind or spirit!!!

Where I previously hurried home after work, feeling lucky to have survived the day, and not too sure of surviving the night, I now take evening classes.  And how wonderful it was for me the night I went to a discotheque and danced to my satisfaction.  I have always had a love of dancing, but had thought those days were behind me.

Then what a thrill it was to attend my son’s graduation at the Hollywood Bowl - another evening event.  Words do not do justice to the gratitude and affection I feel for my doctor with the Magic Hands, Arlo Gordin!!!