Chronic Knee Pain

I had spent two years suffering from chronic knee pain and had seen six different specialists but not one could agree on my injury, only on medication to numb my pain. Both my knees hurt and I had given up all sports because of the pain.

A friend recommended Dr Gordin highly and at one of his seminars, I decided to give it a try. You diagnosed my military neck, stressed adrenal glands and very low energy.

After four months of regular visits, I am getting back into my favorite sports, biking and hiking, without any pain. Now with just some regular monthly treatments, I'll be back to 100%!

Thanks to you for my recovery -- without drugs!!





I damaged my leg playing baseball.  I could no longer run and sometimes it even hurt to walk.

I went for treatment at a sports/athletes geared medical center.  Their attitude was directed toward “deadening the pain” rather than fixing the damage.  After a couple months I wasn’t much further along than when I started.

Arlo to the rescue!!

He diagnosed the problem correctly and in a couple of visits the pain was gone!  At this point I am 99.9999% cured, and that last little bit will come with time.  Thanks Arlo!