Our patients have benefited from our extraordinary Health Care in so many ways and from so many problems.  Many, even most, of them have had multiple problems that were cured and resolved by our Chiropractic, Nutritional and Natural Treatment.  Scroll down the topics at the left to read some of them that are in various areas of health needs.  Likely there are some there that are related to your own needs or those of your family and loved ones.

Thank you Dr. Gordin, for your concern in my situation! It was heart warming to think someone really cared about me when no one else would. I had to wait so long for help from any doctors.

The Neuromuscular Trauma kit was like a miracle worker. This was worth more than ten pots of gold. If only people and medical doctors would understand we would all be more healthy, naturally.

You are a very special person, devoting your life to healing. Two small words from a person who is so much more appreciative than you can imagine! Thank you!!

B Smits