In January, at the ripe old age of 46, I underwent surgery to remove a tumor on the pituitary gland.  I had never had surgery of any kind and, other than lower back pains, had virtually no experience in having any serious problems with my body.

          The surgery was the easiest thing from which to recuperate.  The tumor was benign but damage had been done to the pituitary, either from the surgery or from the tumor, and it was soon discovered that the adrenal glands were not producing the necessary levels of cortisol.  In that the body requires cortisol to survive, I was prescribed 25 mg of cortisone to be taken each day for the remainder of my life.  I was also quite low on testosterone but that was considered far less important because it wasn't life threatening.  I was told that I also needed to inject testosterone for the rest of my life.

          By July I had gained an extra 65 pounds without really changing my eating habits.  I felt "normal" perhaps 30-40% of the time.  The rest of the time I felt light-headed, thick-headed, a little dizzy and a lot like a hypochondriac must feel.  I was treated by doctors at UCLA and a renowned endocrinologist at Cedars Sinai but nothing ever turned up but the shortage in cortisol and testosterone.  The solution was always a simple "take cortisone and inject testosterone."

          As the new year came around, I felt as though my physical condition was worsening.  During the summer, I developed a fairly bad digestion problem.  Eating food had become similar to injecting drugs into my veins and I would feel completely knocked out after any meal.  I finally decided to seek some alternative medical help and advice.

          By the time I first met Dr. Gordin, I felt and looked pretty lifeless.  I had been trying to carry on with my life and my work but my body had become a real ball-and-chain.  I no longer trusted it to function correctly and get me through the days.  Because I am an international management consultant, this had become a serious problem.

          Dr. Gordin put me through the standard battery of nerve, gland and muscle tests and a full set of spinal x-rays.  I was diagnosed as having reflux (causing the digestion problems), dead adrenals and few pinched nerves compounding the whole package.

          I was put immediately onto an intensive program consisting of 3-4 adjustments each week, heavy vitamin and mineral intake and the 40-30-30 method of eating.  I was additionally educated in the spinal/glandular system so that I could understand why the program was what it was.

          I began to see positive results within 3-4 days.  In just a month I felt physically like a new person.  Eating food was no longer traumatic.  The reflux was under control.  My energy level had dramatically increased.  I could work from the time I got up until I went to bed without feeling as though I had to take naps.  The color had returned to my face and skin.  And I even started to lose weight for the first time since surgery.

          I have been back working constantly since then and I feel so much more alive.  My friends and associates have taken notice of the physical and emotional change.  It has even communicated via the phone and people that have not seen me have commented on how good I sound.

          I am very glad that I met Dr. Gordin and only wish that I had met him much earlier in my life. 

          I can confidently tell anyone that Gordin knows what he's talking about.  I am now promoting his services far and wide!


                                                                           B J

My wife and I came to Dr. Gordin three months ago.  Both our cholesterol counts were increasing even though we both had been watching our fat intake and did not eat any red meat.  In addition, I was on cholesterol medication.

Dr. Gordin recommended we go on “The Zone” diet and do regular exercise.  Within three months both our cholesterol counts are in the ideal range!

What is most ironic about the cholesterol readings is that we were both following the diet recommended by the American Heart Association with very low fat intake.  “The Zone” diet included a greater fat intake with the opposite results of our previous diet.  To top it all off my wife did not havea cholesterol problem prior to joining me on the AMA diet and for the first time had a cholesterol problem.

Thank you, thank you, thank you




Thank you so much for introducing me to “40-30-30.” I started the diet program about three weeks ago and I already lost 12 pounds! I also feel much better. I have a higher energy level and I no longer crave sweets or want to eat all the time. I really think this is a fabulous program that I can easily keep up with. I have also been able to create wonderful meals with the help of the food table. This program has also worked on my boyfriend who lost about 4 inches off his waist in a three week period. I highly recommend this program for everyone. It’s fabulous and easy to follow. Thank you!




"40-30-30" equals 100% feeling great.  Three days into this way of eating and my energy level went up 150%!  Scientifically easy to do and it really works.  What more can you ask for?  Thanks Dr. Gordin.  You're the best.



                                                             C M



Arlo, thank you for saving my life!  When I called you a few months ago, my blood sugar level was 225 (after 15 hours of fasting) and I had a substantial amount of sugar in my urine.  Within one and a half months, your suggested diet and supplements reduced my blood sugar level to normal range with no sugar in my urine.  Now, after three months, my sugar level is below 110 only three hours after meals, and my cholesterol level is in normal range for the first time in twenty years!

You sure know your stuff.  The "Zone" diet is fantastic and thank you for educating me on it.  This diet is a diet that I can keep indefinitely because it lets me eat healthy food at the correct proportions and keeps me full all day long, and I eat what I like to eat anyway.  I am not sacrificing anything (except the ice cream every night).  Your blood sugar lecture was very educational; everyone needs to live a healthy life.

Needless to say, I have upset some medical practitioners around here who "know" that you can not cure diabetes.  I have a little ways to go yet and will continue with what I have been doing until my glands are totally restored.  What a difference three months can make is one is on the right track.  Thanks again for a well delivered service.


                                                                                J E



For over 30 years I'd been eating improperly (too many desserts!)  Then combined with some extra stress in life, I gained 20 pounds and became exhausted and ill with flu symptoms that remained for about three weeks out of every four.  Then I started blacking out about 30 minutes after I ate; I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.  Dr. Gordin put me on supplements immediately.  The flu symptoms were gone in 48 hours and I started getting some energy back, but I still wasn't back to normal yet.  Then Dr. Gordin told me about the 40-30-30 nutrition program.  I've been following this program for a couple of months now and have more energy and feel healthier physically than I can remember ever feeling before.  And I lost the 20 extra pounds too!


                                                                                S G