I'm glad you’re here.  My goal is to provide the best health service you have ever had.

I'm thankful to the person who referred you to me for help with your health. My wish is for you to obtain results and satisfaction so great, you will return that favor to others in need of help.

Whether your problem is a new injury or a chronic illness, I want to help you. You can expect me to use the most effective techniques that can be found. My orientation is to prefer natural approaches over drug or surgical methods. That way you can avoid unnecessary side-effects and complications. 

We have had an unusually broad range of health experience.  You will probably be surprised at the wide range of patients we have served, and the different conditions that have been successfully handled by our methods.  The ages of our patients have spanned from minutes old (and many even still in the womb!) to 106 years-old.  Some or all of our techniques will be new to you.

In a moment, we will have our first consultation together.  I’d like you to tell us what your chief health problem is.  Because we view the relationships between different symptoms, we will ask you about your other health problems or illnesses as well.  That way we can get to the bottom of things.  You may be surprised by our thoroughness.

After consulting with you, if I believe we can help you, I will let you know.  If not, I will let you know also.  I only accept patients for our care who we have reason and sincerely believe we can expect to help.

I'm looking forward to including you among our friends who have valued our contributions to their health.


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