by Dr. Arlo Gordin


What is Applied Kinesiology?  And what is the Advanced Applied Kinesiology that I use, to get often miraculous results with people with problems from neck and arm and hand problems, low-back, disc, and leg problems, to glandular problems, to digestive issues and so much more?



The Word “Kinesiology” is the study of motion in your body.  It focuses on movement and activity. Muscles move your body.  When a Chiropractor is trained extensively in APPLIED KINESIOLOGY, it is the application of testing muscles that gets to the bottom of things.  With muscle testing we get answers to many health problems.  With Advanced Applied Kinesiology we can diagnose and locate a damaged knee cartilage, find an area with a hidden infection, find the nerve pinched that is causing your headaches or migraines.


I have had the pleasure of knowing and studying with the great Dr. George Goodheart, the inventor of the vast technique chest which is Applied Kinesiology.  He is the father of that field.  I met him in my first year of Chiropractic training, many decades ago.  He was demonstrating that first time we met, how you could use muscle testing to find out how a person’s liver was functioning, and how you could, when Applied Kinesiology found that problem, go ahead and fix it with advanced chiropractic techniques and accurate use of nutrition.


Over the years I have completed a huge multi-year certification course in Applied Kinesiology, and studied also many of the important “offshoots” and applications made by other doctors and developers of related health methods.  This is in addition to the many other techniques in Chiropractic, Natural Healing and Nutrition that I have been certified in my training.  And to top that off, I am also board certified with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. This is why I can accept and help people with such a large range of health problems; much broader in scope than the majority of more basic Chiropractic doctors do.


But the key element of what I do that has generated the results is what I call Advanced Applied Kinesiology.  What is Advanced about it?


I have observed the vast amount of Applied Kinesiology technique, which fills multiple textbooks, as very intimidating to learn for most doctors.  Entering that world is like finding yourself in an attic filled with boxes of Christmas tree ornaments, with not one tree to hang them on in sight!  With techniques to restore your neck, set a skull pinching your spinal cord straight on your neck, correct your terribly painful low-back disc, fix your painful wrist, hand or thumb, strengthen your exhausted adrenal (energy and anti-inflammation) glands, or save you from a scheduled surgery on your knee (or even fix your knee after complete replacement surgery when it still isn’t allowing you to climb a set of stairs) and so many more, the problem is: where do you start?  And where do you middle and end?


The ADVANCED part of my use of Applied Kinesiology is the way I work.  First I get a history of EVERY health complaint, issue or diagnosis that is troubling in any and all areas of your body.

Then I use my Advanced Applied Kinesiology to examine and test what is causing each problem you have.  That is deciding to treat the whole body, not just, as most doctors do, focusing the ‘visit” with you on today’s main complaint.  Single.  Complaint. Mouse-eyed view, I call that.


Patterns show up.  Multiple symptoms that you have, that are marked on your history form, have common underlying causes of what is at the root of them.  And muscle tests of Advanced Applied Kinesiology will find which muscles, nerves, glands, and organs are not able to do their jobs of making you healthy.

I can isolate and test individual muscles with Applied Kinesiology, by placing a neck, an arm or leg, or thumb and fingers, for example in a correct position and test manually if that muscle is strong or weak. By doing that I have a tremendous diagnostic tool for nerves that is accurate, instant, affordable, and applicable to what needs to be done to fix the nerve problems that were there, and are now identified.


NERVES are the system (brain, spinal cord, and the huge network of nerves branching from it) that controls the cells, organs and tissues of your body.  It is the boss system, and the electrical control system for all your health. It is at the root of many of humanity’s numerous illnesses, pains, and health failures.


By further using the techniques of my Advanced Applied Kinesiology, I can test the exact malposition of injured structures, of your neck, back and spinal vertebrae, of even a small finger or a foot (arch or heel) bone!  And know how to fix them.  And then test after doing that with Advanced Applied Kinesiology, and see that it is actually fixed!


GLANDS can be identified with Advanced Applied Kinesiology that need help: thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, pancreas, to name some that can run afoul of good health.  And knowing what each needs to be restored, including the focused nutrition, will bring the other main controlling system of the body back into health.  Advanced Applied Kinesiolgy tests will bring these underlying causes of health symptoms and even misery to light.  And open the door for their correction!


I see it every day with patients with stomach problems, acid reflux, fatigue, sleep dysfunctions, pains, numbnesses, prediabetes and diabetes, that Advanced Applied Kinesiology with the most Turbo of muscle testing techniques will get the right answers for you faster. It can do it more effectively, and get you to the right natural treatment method directly.  That makes it very effective when compared to the many other ways of doing things.  I see daily how restoring normal function to the two master controlling systems of your health:  Your Nerves, and Your Glands and Hormones, can get to the real causes of hundreds of problematic and quite serious problems. The health problems that are interfering with your complete enjoyment of your Life.  And then get things going Right!


Advanced Applied Kinesiology tests will locate other organs that are damaged, malfunctioning, and need help.  Stomach, intestines, lungs, even problematic infections can be assisted in the most rapid turn-arounds back to health.


The ADVANCED in Advanced Applied Kinesiology is seeing the patterns, identifying what needs to be done first, and getting the importances and order of what needs fixing done right.  Advanced Applied Kinesiology is more streamlined, more focused, and thus highly effective at getting people’s pains, and symptoms relieved fastest, and also knowing and doing what is needed to achieve lasting correction.


Advanced Applied Kinesiology means selecting and using the natural techniques that are painless, more effective and thus more Advanced than the ones that were originally developed.  Different.  Better.  Faster.


So that your shoulder can lift up again without pain, so your arteries can be de-clogged, so that your auto-immune errors (of which there are so many types) can be corrected and the diseases they represent be fixed.  From skin conditions to thyroid malfunctions and then some!


Advanced Applied Kinesiology, as I do it, is my signature approach and technique to analyzing, diagnosing and correcting your whole health.  Not just matching a drug or remedy to a single symptom, but to go about restoring health on its most whole-body and comprehensive basis.


In both Philosophy and Approach this is the real difference between Advanced Applied Kinesiology and just single problem/symptom focused health practice.  Mouse-eyed view healthcare can generally not get you well, not produce lasting health change, not get to the real bottom-line of why something is causing you pain or other symptoms.


Finding the real pattern of Causes, and not just “treating” individual symptoms is a different way of doing things.  We think it is a better way.  And that’s why we do things that way for you.