How to Eat for Adrenal & Glandular Recovery and Strengthening: the Zone (40-30-30)

 by Dr. Arlo Gordin

Many of you want to know how we advise you to eat.  Some of our patients desperately need to know the correct way to change their method of eating.  This is because their eating habits are making and keeping them unwell.  The best diet for restoring health has been described as “the Zone”.  It consists of the method of getting the correct amount of protein and other foods (40% of calories from carbohydrates, 30% from protein foods, 30% from oils) to balance hormones, blood-sugar, and take the stress off the pancreas and adrenals.  It allows you to eat almost anything.  Your diet can be as tasty and varied as you want it to be!

 “The Zone” (40-30-30) is a method of balancing the amounts of carbohydrate (sugar and starch), protein, and oils.  Current scientific research on this exact balance shows that it will:

1.  Take sugar and carbohydrate or overeating stress off of your adrenal glands.  If your adrenals are low, or if they are exhausted, this eating methodology will help your adrenals get going, and get healthy output of their crucial hormones.  This is for many of my patients invaluable in a) getting out of pain, b) reducing inflammatory conditions, c) conquering the many adrenal conditions which include fatigue, low blood sugar, asthma, rashes, allergies, respiratory complaints, skin diseases, fibromyalgia, and so many more.

2.  Help you lose weight (if you need to) or gain muscle (if you need to).  It normalizes your weight and body-fat percentages.  It is a successful and dependable weight-loss system for the overweight.  The average overweight person will lose pounds every week.  It will also allow the increase of lean muscle mass for the active person working-out.  Because it keeps the body from over-secreting insulin, and to release the fat-burning hormone glucagon, it allows the body to access fat to be burned as fuel.

3.  Balance your blood sugar, and keep your pancreas from secreting excess insulin.  That will prevent diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol.  It is the recommended eating system for headache and migraine patients.  It will also balance your blood sugar and help you be healthy if you are a diabetic.

4.   Increase your energy and keep you mentally alert.  It takes food-related (blood sugar) stress off the adrenal glands.  It is the food-balancing system for patients with low adrenals and the symptoms caused by them.

5.  Offer you the eating method that can be customized for varied people with extremely different needs.  It can help the very ill recover, or assist an elite athlete obtain best-ever performance.

6.  Reduce pain for many individuals.  The hormonal balance the Zone causes will reduce the inflammatory conditions that are characterized by pain, including arthritis. It helps with autoimmune diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and multiple sclerosis).

7.  Extend your life expectancy because it normalizes blood pressure, factors affecting plaquing of artery walls, and thus occurrence of heart attack and stroke.   There is evidence to show that it is cancer-preventing.  It is the diet that will slow the aging process.

The key is to balance the ratio of protein, carbohydrates and oil every time you eat or snack.  It is also eating food in the proper portions.  So it lays out both portions, and proportions of food you eat at meals and snacks.  You will want to eat every 3-6 hours, because hormones and blood sugar stay optimally balanced for about 5 hours. 

The Zone (40-30-30) is used as part of patients’ treatment programs.  For many it is a central part of their nutrition program, together with supplements that are customized for their health condition.  It brings improvement to individuals who, either by craving or misinformation, were loading-up on carbohydrates or sugars and perhaps under-eating protein foods.  It brings the correct amount of the right oils to people who either over-consumed, or over-limited fat and oil intake.  The results are often miraculous, and can be expected to be as good as the individual will understand, apply and follow the guidelines.

The easiest and recommended way to get the Zone (40-30-30) underway for you, is for you to buy the book “The Formula” by the Daousts, available on Amazon.  Go directly to the recipes to see how you can construct meals and snacks that match your tastes in food.  When you have healthy habits, such as eating organic, or avoiding wheat (all the herbicides and pesticides in the grains now) you can apply those into the meals and snacks you use.

For scholars seeking to read more detailed scientific information, the book “Getting into the Zone”, by Dr. Barry Sears available to read. 

Once you get the book “The Formula” by the Daousts you are able to be absolutely on your way.  First determine which letter plan you are on.  Then go to the second half (the recipes) and get right to determining what you will eat for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks.

That’s all folks!!!