Most patients at one time or another need to "get over" some things.  A cold, food poisoning, an infection, a spider bite, a boil, a cyst.  Yes doctors have some medications that will sometimes work, sometimes not.  Some fast, some slow, some not at all.  Whether a natural supplement will be used instead of a drug, or along side to speed and optimize the treatment offered, your own body's natural health mechanisms can be supported and assisted.

Supplements will make a huge difference in healing time and lack of complications, for example, following a surgery.  The exact supplements to speed the healing of the area surgically addressed will change the quality and speed of your outcome.  But do not expect your surgeon to recommend those things natural that would make those big improvements; that's not in his training or method of work.  Different ones are right for a knee replacement, than for an eye surgery, for example.

These common in life, or even rare health occurrences are usually best considered from what natural things could be done to win the battles we encounter, small and large.