When Your Glands ARE FALLING Like a House of Cards

by Dr. Arlo Gordin

Did you know that most glandular system breakdowns start in similar ways?  Your glands, along with your brain and nerves, control the key functions in your health that keep you well and feeling good.  Your glands and the hormones they make keep your health intact.  They are supposed to keep full of energy, out of pain, immune to bacteria and viruses, in good sexual and reproductive health, and away from inflammatory and “auto-immune” illnesses.

Unfortunately for a large part of the world, their glands aren’t doing those things for them, not doing them in the way needed.  The path to getting there is remarkably similar for most people.  The problems usually start in one area, then spill over to the next and the next.

That first problem is the adrenal glands.  They are usually “attacked” by a combination of either “STRESS”, as in mental and emotional stress (although other stressors for example pain will also stress them), or Dietary and Nutritional Error.  The most common of these are the ones that cause Blood Sugar Stress, and the most common of those is taking too much CARBOHYDRATES (SUGAR AND OR CARBS LIKE BREAD etc).  There is a lot to know about the adrenal glands, their hormones and the problems and illnesses they cause when fatigued or exhausted.  I recommend you read the Adrenal write-up I have and see the class called Energy and Blood sugar on my website that takes you in detail through the immensely important subject of Adrenal Gland problems.

When the Adrenals alone are the first step downward on glandular health, Blood sugar problems, fatigue, inflammatory disorders, pain syndromes, headaches, migraines, asthma are just some of the symptoms or diseases resulting. But that’s just the beginning of the house of cards collapsing in Hormones and Health that this problem entails.

As the adrenals are challenged by too much sugar or carbs, and failing to combine them with proteins to slow the blood sugar load they deliver, the body is forced into INSULIN and Fat Storing mode.  The person gets bigger, fatter.  That’s not good.  The lack of inflammatory control, and the cholesterol your liver makes from the carbs you’ve overeaten now become the PLAQUES that clog arteries and break off to float downstream in your blood system and block the oxygen delivery to your heart or brain.  That is a STROKE or HEART ATTACK, the number one killers far and away:  most common causes of sudden death and shortened life.

That sets up the scenario for the Pancreas to crap out in Adult Onset Diabetes, now more than ever in Epidemic numbers in the USA and around the world.  One out of 6 adults have diabetes now, and about the same number have pre-diabetes.  It is a difficult disease, and because it comes with the hormonal and blood system problems I describe in this article, is linked to terrible health and low life expectancy.

That’s not near all however.  More of the house of cards will typically tumble next from its beginning as insulted stressed Adrenal Glands. 

The next gland to often get crashed in this pattern can often by the THYROID.  It begins to malfunction.  Often it will go low thyroid hormone production “HYPOTHYROIDISM”.   Once the body is into auto-immune mode, the thyroid can go to Hashimoto’s Thyroid disease.

Next, especially obvious in females, will be imbalances in the Sex Hormones.  The low adrenal problem and being stuck in Insulin mode, will cause the body to become stuck on reading the Hormone ESTROGEN.  Estrogen, and important hormone to health, now becomes a Pig and blocks the communication of Progesterone and of Testosterone.  This mess even turns the important Testosterone into even more female hormone! These important sex hormones for health, even for mental acuity, strength, and healthy immune response now cannot do their jobs.  Testosterone is needed in both male and female bodies, but is blocked and distorted when Adrenal Stress and Insulin metabolism are triggered for both men and women.

To further complicate that mess, if you’ve gotten overweight, quite common in this scenario, since insulin metabolism and overeating Carbs is the number one cause of overweight and obesity, the fat itself becomes a hormonal offender.  Now your fat cells produce even more Estrogen, in one of its least healthy forms, and the already overtilted Sex Hormone imbalance is pushed even farther in the direction it had already plummeted.  Female diseases result, female problems multiply; even the most serious ones appear.  And men feminize and can grow man-boobs.

As this full-blown hormonal mess evidences, the person has gotten into worse inflammatory and pain disorders.  They can have problems with diagnoses like Fibromyalgia.  They will have auto-immune disorders where the body starts “attacking itself”.  There are many of these, depending on which body area is the one worst attacked.  From skin to large intestine and most in between, auto-immune disorders bring misery and often serious risks. And the immune system itself and its defense cells become unable to defend you effectively.

Left uncorrected, the last phase of this crash of the hormonal house of cards can result in the most severe and deadly types of diseases.  In other words, getting crushed under this hormonal house of cards can kill you!

Wherever you might notice you fall in this set of cause leading to effect and then to the next, best to turn it around.  Earlier is better.  Later, worse.  Too late, a shame.  These issues, up to including most of the illnesses (and all the drugs doctors would prescribe you for them) can be resolved.  As ever, addressing the CAUSE is far better than trying to TREAT & COVER UP THE EFFECT.

You can be well and get well.  You need to know how to do the right things, and DO THEM!