by Dr. Arlo Gordin

 It’s rare that I get to say that something is the most important of the health strides made in recent decades, but now I get to!  Years ago Dr. George Goodheart developed Applied Kinesiology – muscle testing. With it he changed Advanced Chiropractic by orders of magnitude.  In the 1970’s,  Dr. Hans Selye, who was recognized for the Nobel Prize for his research in learning how adrenal glands got overworked and burned out, and how that caused ill health, inflammatory, blood sugar and other disorders, helped us restore chronic health sufferers. Selye’s is still one of the most important breakthroughs that led to helping sick and pain-ridden people be well. Applying it very brightly, you can shred many of the worst health problems, pain and severe disease complexes.

Right now has dawned a new Health Breakthrough of great magnitude.  An important new way to get a myriad of the most problematic diseases handled.  Faster, more completely, in a way never really seen before.  Allow me to give you some background to understand…

A few linked new understandings will help you realize what this breakthrough is, and how we got to it.

In 2015 a Chinese woman researcher won the Nobel Prize for demonstrating that an old Chinese Herb, which we might never have heard of but for her, kills Malaria like nothing ever had.  It has become the recommended standard of treatment for Malaria in the world.  It is named Artemesia Annua, Quing Hao in Chinese.  As her research was done, much other research has been performed.  It is discovered that Artemesia killed many other bad-guy organisms.  And in combination with other comparatively rare herbs, it eliminates even more of them, and better.  Artemesia is currently being researched in combination with other herbs, and found to kill bad-guy organisms best.  Even some cancers have already been tested, which research is advancing now.

Meanwhile, while we’ve all known about some bad “germs” that stay in our bodies and cause recurrent and sometimes severe disease situations, there are more of those than you likely knew existed.  Yes, Chicken Pox and “Shingles” (a variety of the Herpes virus type), Herpes infection itself, Epstein Barr Virus, Lyme Disease are some of the better known organisms that are generally well known to stay around and recurrently “surface”, causing problems.  Some of those are known to survive, living in your body and making your health worsen steadily.  Bad germs in the gut, large and small intestine are part of this story.  SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), and Leaky Gut are other organism-caused damage. Germs that cause inflammation have for years been shown and are written in medical journals to dramatically increase deaths from even heart attacks and strokes!

It turns out that there are many more organisms, some VIRUS, some BACTERIA, some SINGLE-CELLED ORGANISMS, some are even WORMS that have developed stealth technologies to evade being wiped out by our immune systems.  They have various ways to do this.  Some shed their cell membranes, some change the way they penetrate your cells, some of them even send out substances to order your immune system to cease its attack on them!  We now group them under the header of STEALTH PATHOGENS. (A PATHOGEN is a living thing, such asvirus or bacteria, which CAUSES DISEASE.)  They are STEALTH because they either evade detection by your immunity or down-regulate your immune attack on them.

Yes, it’s a fact that there are lots of Stealth Pathogen Organisms.  And they often are at the root of severe diseases and health situations.  Two are from Cats!  Cows now carry and leave one in the majority of our milk products and even most of our Baby Formulas: a nasty one called MAC. Lyme Disease is a newsworthy and misery-generating one.  Epstein Barr Virus is one you’ve probably heard of too.  The quite common one that gets in the stomach and was discovered to cause ulcers: Heliobacter (H. Pylori).  Candida is the fungus organism that can quite mess you up.  And there are a large number of others, each with big Latin names. Since they are possibly unknown to you, I’ll spare you the extra grief of listing them here.

Understanding:  As we have traveled through life, from childhood diseases, through walking barefoot, from pets to environmental exposures and transmitted illnesses, we have acquired some number of Stealth Pathogens that remain in us.  We call that our individual STEALTH PATHOGEN BURDEN.  It may consist of 3, 5, or even more bad critters.  That Burden is individual to each person and is based on the encounters, genetics, responses and illnesses of a person’s lifetime up till now.

These germs and bugs are now demonstrated, in straightforward published medical research, to be connected and CAUSAL in many diseases.  Many of those are very severe or horrible.  And quite a number that are called AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASES.  In other words, specific virus and bacteria types are now known to be tied to specific diseases.  These diseases include: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Psoriasis, Lupus, Graves’ Disease, Hashimoto’s Thyroid, Multiple Sclerosis, Inflammatory Pain Diseases, and many more.  If your problem is an auto-immune one, think Stealth Pathogens could be of greatest help to you.

Although when at first customizing the Stealth Pathogen Protocols for patients, detailed laboratory and blood tests were made, it was learned that because the organisms being searched for were STEALTH, the tests weren’t accurate.  The expense and hassle of laboratory tests that don’t demonstrate all you would wish to find out is now avoided.  We don’t do them!  Now it is known that the best customization of a program can be done by viewing your symptoms, complaints, disease and diagnoses history.  Those 2 main areas allow me to “fit” the Stealth Herb Protocol to your exact problems and the things most needing direct action.  I have devised a streamlined questionnaire that gets this need met for you.  (You can ask me to send you one.)

The exact nutrients you need are in tablet form, and reasonable in both number and cost.  When and if the Pharmaceutical Industry gets a hold of this breakthrough, expect the prices from them to try your imagination. 

By years of perfecting these programs, the herbs must be “pulsed”, which is to say, they are taken for a handful of days, and then followed by a different set for some days.  Then repeated through the 8 weeks, that is most commonly the brief total time required.

The Stealth Pathogen Protocol can be generally completed in 8 weeks, really quite fast to unburden the accumulated weight of the bugs and germs one has been subjected to, and is currently “housing”.  What a breakthrough to be able to take out of your system what for many with autoimmune diseases (some of them listed above) are the underlying reason the disease is there at all!

Don’t you think that would make sense for people with the illness types and symptoms described?  For people with auto-immune problems and illnesses?  How about for every person, even those without those specific illnesses? Because we all have encountered these organisms, and had the childhood diseases for starters, by the time we are adults. We already have our own little “zoo” of them that have taken up residence. And it’s not a zoo that is cute to visit, but one that is best cleaned up first! Now we have the real natural and sane way to clean it up!

That’s something.


PS: Note that simply getting these ideas and trying to get the right quantity and quality of these substances in health food stores or online is actually very problematic.  When these herbs provided by other sellers are chemically “assayed”, tested to see what and how much is actually in them, the results are regularly shocking.  The active needed material is barely present!  These programs, to work, must be delivered with nutrients from sources with impeccable correct herb material, properly concentrated for the herb type in the product, and with the needed dosage of active material to create the effect required.  Just having the right words and names on the bottle’s label is not enough!