Subluxation & Nerve Malfunction & Resulting Degeneration/Arthritis...Effects on Your Health

by Dr. Arlo Gordin

Your health is something natural.  You get it.  Somehow your body can turn a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into its cells and tissues.  It can heal a wound, rebuild itself, fight off an infection.  Scientists can observe that life is intelligent, responding appropriately to changes both inside and out.

Your nerve system is the one in charge of all of that. Of the trillion cells that make up your body, one out of every 15 cells is a nerve cell, whose job it is to carry information that senses and controls and coordinates all of life’s functions.  It is most crucial that your nerve system function properly, and has no interference to its electrical signals.

Certain things are needed for a healthy nerve system:  adequate rest and sleep, exercise, proper nutrition including correct minerals in your blood.  And other conditions that generate interference to nerve signals must be handled.  Subluxation is the chiropractic word for the nerve malfunctions, the "short circuits" that occur when the joints of the spine (or other joints) are displaced (sometimes minimally), and damaged (in the soft tissues:  ligaments, cartilages and spinal discs).  The result is a lack of healthy nerve signal transmission, resulting eventually in pain and in diseases from failing organs, because all your organs need healthy nerve signalling to function and do their jobs.

You have probably subluxated your spine multiple times in your life.  Falls, accidents, improper posture, sports injuries and lifting improperly are a few ways that a spine can get subluxated.  Some infants begin a sick life with subluxations from the pressures of the birth process itself.  You could try to live a life so inactive, never at risk of injury, that you’d never risk a subluxation.  But that wouldn’t be fun, and your muscles would be so weak for lack of exercise that they wouldn’t hold your spine in alignment, so you’d end up subluxated anyway.

You will hear my patients talk about their severe and chronic illnesses that were cured with effective chiropractic care:

Headaches, Migraines, Neck Pain,TMJ (Jaw) pain, Muscle spasms, Nervousness, Fatigue, Dizziness, Depression, Eye & Ear disorders, Blindnesses & Deafnesses, Sinus Infections, Throat conditions, Laryngitis, Shoulder, Arm, Elbow pain, Hand or wrist pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendinitis, Numbness, Thyroid illness, Asthma, Lung disease, Bronchitis, Liver abnormalities, Gall bladder trouble, Digestive disorders, Stomach pain, Gastric Reflux, Ulcers, Hiatal Hernia, Cardiac Illness, Immune deficiency, Skin Rashes, Colitis, Constipation, Bladder infections, Urinary tract disorders, Chronic female pain & diseases, Infertility, Decreased sex drive, Low back pain, Sciatica, Leg pain, numbness, Knee problems, Foot and ankle pain, & many others

 When you realize that subluxation causes dangerous interference to nerves and disrupts health, you can understand this broad range of conditions.

 Subluxations are caused not only by physical trauma or misuse of your body.  Emotional stress, chemical, dietary, and organ aggravations result in nerve malfunctions and subluxation.  Some subluxations are true pinched nerves (especially spinal ones).  Others are nerve interferences to the many nerves within and around your joints (jaw, knee, hip, shoulder, wrist, etc.) that have problems (“proprioceptive nerves”) that carry vital signals to and from the brain.

Your subluxations can sometimes be seen visibly as misalignments.  But mostly they are not visible to the naked eye.  The pinching, stretching, or irritation to nerves is their first ill-effect.  Weakness or tightness and spasm of muscles adjacent to or served by those nerves often occurs.  Inflammation, pain and numbness can be one result.  Changes to the blood flow can cut off the lifeline to organs and tissues, because all arteries and blood delivery are controlled by correct nerve signals.  Resulting control errors of organs, and organ illnesses and breakdown, immune inadequacy and failure causes numerous diagnosed illnesses, whose causes are listed as “unknown” to medical science.

Spinal subluxations start in Phase 1 with spinal vertebral misalignments, some loss of normal spinal curves and nerve short-circuits and malfunctions.  Pain and other organ illness symptoms will start in Phase 1.  This is most commonly the phase of spinal malfunction in young people.  It demonstrates no degeneration yet.

Phase 2 Subluxation-Degeneration occurs when years of uncorrected subluxation have caused malformations and disc loss in your spinal vertebral joints.  Bone spurs (malformations and distortions that can look like a bird’s beak) on the vertebrae represent the beginning of pathological joint fusion.  Your spinal motion worsens; your spinal discs shrink and narrow, degenerate and begin to die.  This is the phase of degeneration and “arthritis”.  It has numerous names:  Osteoarthritis and Degenerative Joint Disease are two of them.  In Phase 2 the nerve problems worsen, as symptoms and illnesses will also do.  When I see your x-rays in Phase 2, I will grade your degeneration as to how far through Phase 2 they are.  For example if the area of your spine is 60% “gone” I will grade it as Phase 2.6.

Phase 3 occurs as degeneration is finalizing, and the spine has reached permanent joint fusion and chronic health failure.  At each Phase, 1, 2, and 3 the person gets worsening mobility in the spinal areas affected, and worsening health ill-effects from the increasingly short-circuited nerves to the areas muscles and organs of the body those nerves go to and from.

Detecting the location and specifics of your subluxations is the job of a doctor of chiropractic.  Using my Advanced Applied Kinesiology, the chiropractic specialty which developed muscle-testing as a diagnostic method, I can identify your subluxations accurately.  X-rays and other testing methods may be used to provide valuable information on your nerve and organ function.

My Advanced Applied Kinesiology's methods correct by application of precise chiropractic adjustments, in which the spine is restored to improved motion and position. This provides the amazing and precise method of correcting your subluxations.  It is a fact that how chronic (how much time you've had them) and how severe your problems are, the more work it takes to correct.  The process could be compared to straightening teeth, which also requires the correct amount of time and treatment.  Follow-through to complete the corrective phase of treatment is the best course of action.  When you are fully aware of the facts of subluxation-degeneration, doing a half-baked or temporary fix, only to have a problem return and worsen again, would not make the best sense to you.

By combining for you the most advanced chiropractic methods with nutritional and natural health expertise as I do in my clinic, stupendous results and my many “miracle” cases are made possible. 

I feel that people with nerve and spinal problems who haven't gotten to receive the benefit of high quality chiropractic and natural health care is like experiencing life before there were flush toilets or like a life without modern dentistry.  Sort of primitive, not so healthy and not very fun!

It is vital for you to understand the importance of nerves and your spine in your health, the integral role they and your glands play in running your entire well-being, and the importance of correcting subluxations that are quite universally sustained by all of us, to enjoy your life as optimally healthy.