When you first get together with me, I will carefully go through everything you wrote about your health on my history form.  It is designed to get to everything important to know about how you are health-wise.  And I will ask you if there is anything else we haven't discussed that I should be aware of.  The most common number of health complaints for each patient is typically between 10 and 20!  (Although occasionally a patient may have only one complaint).  I transfer every health situation and complaint to your examination form, and will examine you to get to the bottom of EVERY MATTER you have spoken to me about.  That exam will not be completed until I have gotten to the bottom of all!

Next, when I review your exam, and lay out the plan for what needs to be done, I plan for everything to be fixed.  And if there is a program you need, it will be written to handle everything.

That's why, just today, I was adjusting a patient coming into the last part of her health program, and although she started with a dozen complaints, and some of those dozen of a very severe nature (spinal disc pathologies!, multiple pain areas and organ system malfunctions) each and every one of them no longer troubled her!  I went through each, item by item, and "no", not a one giving her trouble any longer.

That's how I view doctoring and health care, fix your health.  Completely.  The usual doctoring philosophy:  tell me of the one symptom troubling you today and let's drug you for it.

I know which makes sense to me...which does to you?