Our very advanced Chiropractic and Applied Kinesiology procedures allow us to correct your Neck, Low Back, Mid-Back and Pinched Nerve Problems, often getting you out of pain in record time.  The techniques are natural and do not have the dangers associated with them that Drugs or Surgeries do have. 



Our advanced methods get people with disc protrusions and disc bulges functioning without the radiating nerve pains or numbnesses they cause.  Low-back pain, Neck pain, Sciatic nerve pain, leg and foot pain are the types of result of disc pathologies. Arm, shoulder and hand pain often result from these problems.  The pain is resolved, not just covered up, when the nerves pinched are naturally unpinched.


Few physicians or chiropractors are skilled at solving extremity injuries, pains and problems.  Our legendary work in correcting knee and other leg/ankle/foot and arm/hand problems has made us untold friends and followers for life.

musicians hands and health issues

Dr Gordin's work with musicians has allowed him to help instrumentalists and vocalists too with a great number of their common problems, all with natural and non-harmful methods. Carpal Tunnel, tendinitis and other problems are within this specialty.  Gutiarist, bassist, keyboardist, string, wind and other instrumentalists come to him for correction and relief of pain, numbness, lack of control or speed.  He has been the most published about chiropractor in this area of health, with articles about his work in numerous national musicians' publications.

Gland repair

Natural correction of hormonal health including Adrenal, Thyroid, Estrogen, Testosterone and the hormones involved in pain, auto-immune and inflammatory are Dr Gordin's focus. From infertility cases, thyroid disorders, blood suga,r pancreas and adrenal-exhaustion cases, his success books are full of the wins and restorations to health of these patients.

auto-immune, fibromyalgia, multiple pain and immune malfunctions

By his correction of the two control systems whose malfunctions cause these problems:  Nerves and Glands, these areas of health are not just covered up with pain-killers, opioids, anti-inflammatories or cortisone.  Those drugs while they may reduce the symptoms, have severe side effects that the long use for chronic issues make unavoidable.  Fixing the CAUSES of these problems, instead of covering up symptoms with medication, is the secret to real success with conquering them!

Working with midwives' difficult cases has been a specialized area of  Dr Gordin's focus.  From pain problems in hips, to premature contractions.  From diabetes of pregnancy turn-arounds, to special techniques to make delivery smoother, faster and more painless, Dr Gordin has emphasized this area of helping pregnant mothers before and relieving pain after delivery.


Helping kids with health issues and injuries is a passion of Dr Gordin. From chronic ear infections, assthma, injuries and illnesses to correcting birth trauma caused by pressure to cranial bones on delivery, Dr Gordin has helped many kids have the health they deserve.  Kids should have natural health care, and be free from the dangers of medications and un-needed surgeries.

jaw, tmj and cranial correction

Dr Gordin is a trained Craniopath and TMJ doctor with both the Sacro-Occipital Research Society and the International College of Applied Kinesiology.  He has corrected the jaw pains, head pains, and cranial issues for patients over the course of his career.

anti-aging medicine

Dr Gordin is one of few Chiropractic Physicians board-certified by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.  His focus on staying healthy, staying young, living longer better and more vibrantly are a keynote of his Health Practice.

auto and vehicular accidents and injuries

When cars collide, when pedestrians, bicyclists, even when you fall down injuries can occur.  Even severe injuries.  Your neck, spine, low-back, ribs, arms or legs can be hurt in traumatic injuries.  Sports, martial arts, and athletic activities cause some injuries.  Others can come from "repetitive stress" such as repeated computer work causing a "carpal tunnel syndrome", pressure on nerves in your wrist area resulting in pain or numbness.

It is important to get to the real cause of what happened in an injury and "un-do" what actually went wrong.  Bones move, nerves get interfered with and compressed.  Allowed to heal without putting them back in the "factory original" position, just means that your body will build the torn tissues and ligaments and "glue" things back where they now happen to be.  Not where they are designed to be!  Advanced chiropractic allows these to get corrected and new or chronic pain, from new or long-ago injuries can be corrected.


childrens infants and newborns health