Dr. Arlo Gordin has been well loved for his upbeat and passionate drive to help people live better healthier lives. He is a uniquely talented healer, whose skills have filled a great need to thousands of individuals. Yet Dr. G's watchword is to treat the person in front of him as if there is only one person in the world, You

One fantastic part of Dr Gordin's work has focused directly on glandular and reproductive disorders. The number of glowing success stories on metabolic and gland recovery for men and women both, including babies born to "infertile" parents, is a wonder of his practice.
Dr. Gordin's reflex and nutritional studies led him to Applied Kinesiology (Dr. Goerge Goodheart's study of muscle testing and the advanced applications in health, function and nutrition). He is trained and certified in a myriad of Chiropractic Techniques, Applied Kinesiology, Sacro-Occipital Technique, Craniopathy, Polarity Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Sports Injuries and numerous other methods. He trained personally with an improbable roster of thelegendary Chiropractors: De Jarnette, Goodheart, Gonstead, Walther, Grostic, Pettibon, Cox, Lee to name only some.  His adjusting skills trained at the best facility in the world were honed by his intelligent and meticulous interaction with these and other masters of the field. 

He is also a board certified Anti Aging Physician (by the American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine). His practice began in Los Angeles in 1979, and he became immediately sought after for his insight and results.

His techniques in pain elimination for Spine, Neck, Back, Disc, Extremities (Arms, hands, legs knees, etc.), and other locations in the body, and his uncanny ability to find what is causing new or chronic pain, and to correct it are truly phenomenal.
Arlo's love for music and close friends in the music community brought him to focus his attention on the epidemic of problems to musicians' hands, wrists and arms.